VIP Down digits Thai lottery results 16-07-2017

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Unique Down digit Thai lottery results 16-07-2017

A common practice now almost a tradition in Thailand. They use nature for clues to Thai lottery results 16-7-2017. Things like vegetables, fruit, and animals are closely observed and any anomalies are noticed. These facts are then used to conjure up some numbers for Thailotto game 16*07*2017. So here you see a cut bittermelon. the 2 slices indicate the number 2 and then count the seeds inside and there are 3 each. You can add them or subtract them to get a chosen number.
Interestingly, every such fact is highly valued. Some Thai lottery enthusiasts take note of accidents on a highway. The highway number is then taken as a direct hint. So are weird fruit or odd looking vegetables interpreted into numbers? The superstition runs deep in Thai society. There is no denying that. Chicken fights are the other form of gambling that is popular in Thailand. Some of Thailotto 16 07 2017 tips will be taken out of local magazines published about Thailand lottery. What are the best 3digits that one can play in Saudi Arabia? in Riyadh, Jeddah and other cities. Plenty of workers in these cities love Thai lottery results 16th July 2017. The Pakistanis usually take these magazines and scan their picture and publish them on their websites. The sheer number of people looking at the VIP tip papers for July 16th Thailand lottery results is mind boggling. I really think 8 and 9 along with 1 and 5 are critical to winning the Thailottery results 16 07 2017.

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