Thailand lottery results 1st July 2014 special tip

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Thailand lottery results 1-7-2014 real tip results announced

Thailand lottery results 1st July 2014 (1-7-2014)new Tass game guess paper.

What numbers may show up in the next draw on 1-7-2014 is anybody’s guess. The numbers 9 2 5 will be less important as they were in the previous results of the Thai lottery draw. The usual difference or distance from the drawn numbers would appear to be a hundred to hundred and seventy. The most important 3 digit tip which is also called HTF or 3up tip for the next draw of Thai lottery results 1st July 2014 (1-7-2014) may be

Down number 2 digit for Thailand lottery results 1st July 2014

79 – 76      77-23
43 – 47     45-41`
12 -11        01-15

Its funny how some 2 digit combinations usually reappear in the Thai lottery results 1-7-2014 and the previous results as well.

Thailand lottery results 1-7-2014 3up HTF guess paper

Popular tass tip for Thailand lottery results 1-7-2014

Here are some favorite tips that are floating in the virtual space many of them may meet any expectation for the The draw of the Thai lottery results on Tuesday 1st July 2014.The special tips are sometimes lucky if read before the draw of Thailand lottery results 1st July 2014. 645-686-451-415

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