Thailand lottery results 16th June 2014 Tass guess paper

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Thai lottery results 16-6-2014 (16th June 2014) TASS new guess paper

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Thailand lottery results 16th June 2014 may be different from the last draw. The numbers look a few hundreds apart for the 3 up Tass new game guess paper. The special tip that can be derived from the observation is that the distance will be a hundred to 2 hundred between the 3up digits that won the previous Thai lottery and the expected numbers. Thailand ottery played in the rainy season is generally more lucky for people who live in the arid deserts.

Important numbers for the Thai lottery results 16 June 2014

The important numbers would be 5 8 4 and 9 for the next draw of the Thai lottery results to be held on 16th of June 2014. Why would these numbers be important? the simple logic that they did not prominently figure in the last draw and the one before. The most frequent number that got repeated in the winning numbers was the number 1.  These are the beginning set of 3up and more will follow as more observations and guesses are made. Consequentially these numbers often show up in the result.

What is the best time to play Thai lottery results 16-6-2014?

The best time to choose your numbers is in the evening keep your thoughts calm and meditate on winning the Thai lottery. Try to not select the number that you lost with. So, check online here for more tips to get a one up on the others.

Specialty tip Thailand lottery results 16-6-2014

Thailand lottery draw 16th June 2014

2 digit prize goes to 95
 3 digit prize winning numbers 158-140

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