Thai lottery tip for 2-5-2014

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Thai lottery tip for 2-5-2014

Over the last few months the observed numbers.
Here is what i think will show up this time in the Thai lottery results on 2nd may 2014.
6, 9, 2 and 5 are my favorites and will be in any combinations. click here to get more tips guess sheets

Why do I talk abut Thai lottery results?

because its fun to guess numbers!

How much can anybody win in the Thai lottery results 2-5-2014?

the first prize is 2 million bahts
the second prize is 100000 bahts
the third prize is 40,000 bahts
the 4th prize is 20,000 bahts
the 5th prize is 10,000 bahts

What are the chances of winning the Thai lottery on 2 may 2014?

The chances of winning are pretty slim unless you are very lucky. increase the chances by getting more numbers at least 14 to begin with. 

Thailand lottery results 1st June 2014

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