Thai lottery results 1st June 2014 Sunday Domingo tips

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Thailand lottery results 1st June 2014 will be announced on the Sunday 1-6-2014.

Down number tip for the next draw on Sunday. Is it special? solve it and its like a treasure hunt in the picture.

3up HTF tip for the Thai lottery results 1st June 2014

These numbers are exclusively taken from a chart. The Draw guess paper that is getting popular has these numbers as the 3 digit favorites.


These are the Thailand lottery results 1st June 2014 favorite digits and tips as thought of in today’s guess paper. The papers are only indicators of the likelihood for this draw. All those who play the draw can get inspiration from these numbers once they checkout on 1-6-2014.  We call this Thailand lottery Sunday special tip also known as the Domingo tip. The tip works well when you verify it on the Sunday draw. 
You can comeback in here to see the results that will be announced on 1-6-2014. The awesome combinations and numbers that will count for the Sunday results for the Thailand lottery on June first are all here. 

Thailand lottery online tip from Kerala and other places. Tips from Kerala are usually tips from other sites. So here you can find all tips that are popular so far.

How good are these thai lotto ist June 2014 sunday special tips

They are as good as you can understand them usually very random and vague about possibilities. However they can reflect the popular sentiment regarding the Thai lotto’s next draw. The best way to back a digit is to get the popular ones and then deduce the logic behind why these figures are popular. Below is a picture of some of the lottery tickets being sold for the 1st june 2014 sunday draw of the Thai lottery results.


thailand lottery tip 16-06-2014

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