Thai lottery 16th May 2015 real tips

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Thai lottery 16th May 2015 real tips

Thai lottery 16-5-2015 real tip

This is a real guess paper and carefully considered to include the finest digits that can have a good chance with Thai lottery 16th May 2015 results as in all the Thai lottery online magazines. The difference being some happen to just get the correct digits and this one is a forerunner in the guessing papers. The confusion begins with trying to understand what is 2 down tip for Thai lotto and Thai lottery 16 5 2015? 2 down is also the tail or simply put the category where only 2 digits need to match with the drawn numbers in that category. Literal translation from Thai would be tail number.
papers after papers are published and many of these Thai tip magazines are all in Thai and those are scanned and published by those who write from right to left as if they said it. Thailand lottery results is a popular guessing game that is played for sheer pleasure of it mostly among the workers of saudi.
They seem to have little else to cheer about. SO here is the take and without much ado about anything the best digits in Thai lottery pairs 16/5/2015 are probably 6 or 8 touch with an odd number in the pair. For the 3 together category, which is also known as 3up htf by the less fortunate.

What does Fishing have to do with Thai lotto 16-5-2015? 

 The Fish in an industrial scale trawler fleet are caught on the high seas often in dark and cold conditions. Just like the fish the Guesser’s mind fishes for the clues in the darkness of not being sure of anything. Interesting analogy, but there is another point to be noted about Thai lottery results 16 may 2015. Gold fish are considered lucky by the Chinese. The peers don’t know that. I would say 7 is a lucky number for Thai lottery results 16|05|2015.

The best resonating choice of the day for 2 down digits or exclusive pairs

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