Thai lottery 1 April 2016 real tips

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Realistic tip Thai lottery 1 April 2016

Its called the April fools day however it is also the day when Thai lottery 1 April 2016 would climax. 
Surprisingly, the grip of 3 has not not faded a bit in the results that were out recently, the emergence of 8 and one were unexpected.. the best digits for up and down will be scanned and analyzed here for Thai lottery 1-4-2016. Going by what had happened it is crystal clear that the cryptic relation of 3digits to the down numbers exists. Last month 78 was a winning number and this month 8 repeated itself several times in 3up winning list. 

Thailand lottery 1/4/2016 could have 2 repeating or at least being there in the winning sets. Typically it should be the first digit in the 3 digits and may have 2 appearances. This primary 3up Thai lotto paper 1.4.2016 should throw some light over it.

Top VIP 3up Papers 1 April 2016 

We took the help of a few blue berries in an interesting experiment where it was revealed that certain numbers when seen along with objects have different random properties. For example when guessed digits are placed on background they have varying degree of success. After several trials a pattern seems to have emerged. This Thai lottery formula 01.04.2016 may be more useful than just going blind on the stakes. We shall also look at the various other important issues like Thai lottery Joker, Thai lottery magazine and the Free VIP vs. the other shady paid VIP digits. The mater tip for all of them would probably not come from the traditional Thai lotto magazines. What is the relevance of Amulets in lotto predictions, we shall also cover the beliefs(superstitions) that are associated with them.

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