Thai lottery 1-3-2016 real tip

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Thai lottery 1-3-2016 real tip

Some people believe that what’s written here is helpful for guessing Thai lottery 1-3-2016 while others take it literally. No matter what these digits exert some influence on final results and are evident when checked against Thai lottery results March 1st 2016. Blue lotus petals are real number givers straight from the cosmic will, you’ll see lotus flowers everywhere both symbolically and really.
They symbolize the color of calm calculations and electricity which becomes thought that then materialize as digit for Thai lottery 1-3-2016 and for the next draw of 16th March 2016.

What are the best choice numbers for Thai lottery 1/3/2016 = ?

Best choice of Thai lotto 1:03:2016 are 82 and other even digits while the worst should be 3.
In order to structure these numbers use the Thai lottery number calculator which can give fairly close guesses. but there is never a guarantee, the 4th rock from the Sun is Mars and current astrological trend is a conjunction of mars=4 and Saturn=8 so 48 should stand a good chance.
First Thai lottery papers here will have amix of various possibilities which scream out loud “how to win Thai lottery if” 

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