Down number tips for Thailand lottery results on 16th May 2014

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New tip for Thai lottery results first June 2014 (1-6-2014)What are the down number tips for the Thai lotto 16-5-2014?

Down numbers are the numbers you see at the bottom of the Thai lottery ticket. Every pair of Thai lottery tickets you purchase including the ones you may have for the Thailand lottery results on the 16th May 2014 will have these numbers and each ticket will have a down number. The down numbers that featured recently were

52  26  95 79 which featured in the previous results of the Thai lotto.

What down numbers might show up in the Thailand state lotto on the 16th May 2014?

Some numbers behaved odd in the sense that they were repeated every 4th draw from the previous and some did the same every 7th draw. With these facts in mind we shall see what will be the favorites.
35, 34, 31, 51

If the above assumption is applied then here is a likelihood
79, 97, 25, 48
Surprises could be 
66, 76, 32, 16
90, 88, 17,  22
33, 01, 11, 86

How to use a cross diagram for down number tip Thai lottery results 16 may 2014?

The inference is that the combination gains importance when paired with each other and then validated against the Thai lottery results 16 may 2014. Does this help? Well yes of course but will it gain the answer is it may gain. To make the cross diagram put numbers in the colored boxes and then cross verify them. If you want all the numbers for the Thai lottery 16 may 2014 then you must check more tips and other information which you should use to make your luck or fortune. These numbers are not in anyway a surety. 
For people in Saudi Arabia who are big fans of this page and the down number tips please revisit 3 days before the draw and you will have more Thai lottery down number tips, Tass tip and 3up tips for may 16 2014 Thai lotto results. 

Do VIP tips for Thai lottery 16 may 2014  work?

VIP tips and other such hints are pure entertainment and fantasies. But you realize that so are the other such tips. If you are serious then use the number that your inner voice indicates however use these cross diagrams for Thai lottery 16 may 2014 as reference point that help you visualize or arrive at your final tip or fortunate numbers in the Thai lottery draw on 16th May 2014. 
Have you ever seen a draw for lottery ?
You may have seen some on TV for some Europe based or US based lotto which are transparent and live telecast the draw and the results are instant. That is not the case with Thai lottery results. On may 16 2014 they will be updated and will spread around the various blogs and sites on the internet. 
What is the maximum you can win in the Thai lottery results 16 may 2014?
It is 2 million bahts or about 66000 USD. The minimum you could win is a 1000 bahts or about 30 USD.

How to get positive results for anything in this world?

Have faith in yourself and more importantly have resilience, that is the formula for sucess in anything including the draw on 16 may 2014. I wish you all good luck and revisit this page on the 13th may 2014. Many people think 13 is not lucky but on the contrary it is very lucky for some people.
Popular tips for Thai lottery results 16 may 2014

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