Creative new Thai lottery 16 November 2015 tips

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Creative new Thai lottery 16 November 2015 tips

Under the bridge flow the waters of fortune for Thai lottery 16 November 2015. Finally found the rising numbers sticking together in threes and twos called at different category. The most visibly important digits for the next draw are set in the picture. The pairs and 4pc are definitely taken out of a limited range therefore the likelihood of these numbers showing up as winning numbers is pretty high.

creative new Thai lottery 16 November 2015 tips

How many possible prizes can be won in Thai lottery?

Generally 1 big prize of about 3 million which was awarded for the previous draw date. But is varies between 2 million to 3 million bahts which is about USD 57,142-85,714. Not a lot for the lottery but good money for the locals. Total number of awards in Thailand lottery

The number of awards given out by Thai lottery officials is explained in the picture above.

What are Thai lottery Tass numbers for 16-11-2015?

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