17th January 2016 Thai lottery real tips

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17th January 2016 Thai lottery real tips

Being practical and not going off tangent is what is done here in this paper of 17th January 2016 Thai lottery real tips. As always we have a set of numbers deemed to be better than the others for this draw. 4pc of 3 digit sets and some pairs with the Tass single. The formula used is extraordinary.

Eating lucky food for Thai lottery state of mind 17-01-2016

Yes it is true as what you eat can make a slight difference to your state of mind. So if you are thinking of playing Thai lottery on 17/1/2016 then its a good idea to eat Thai food such as the natives eat not pad Thai. Try gaeng ki lek and its probably something a potential Thai lottery winner eats. In Jan 2016 the price of a pair of Thai lottery tickets costs 80 bahts, the draw is held on the 1st and the 16th of most months but the dates could be changed. The next one happens on the 17th of this month.

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