01-02-2016 Thai lottery V I P papers

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01-02-2016 Thai lottery V I P papers

The latest VIP papers for 01-02-2016 Thai lottery focus on the trends that are significant. Original and very important numbers for the next draw on Feb 1, 2016. Blue is an inspiration and the number associated with it is 8. This should be noted for gaining in the actual Thai lottery results. 0,1,6 and 9 are the next four important digits to consider. Chompoo means pink in Thai and it would be the best color to look for on a vendor. These are all essential tips for Thau lottery Feb.1.2016, X formula and other methods are also important. Like in algebra, one can apply formula to get the statistical strength of their picks however logic goes as far as the bin.

3 digit Thai lottery 1 Feb 2016

The levels of noise goes up when discussing the 3up paper for Thai lottery 1/2/2016. knowledge disrupts despair is the key to success in this draw, the 2 good months of Feb and march have so much to give and later too but the odds may prove better now than later. Its not too hard to see the extra number added to the pairs and then there are triplets. They are always drawn in 4pcs.

A great piece of news about the planets in this system is that 5 of them can be seen in the sky in this week. They represent numbers so lets interpret them. Jupiter=5, Venus=2, Saturn =8, Mercury=1 and moon =0. Thai lottery message from the heavens for things to come in Thai lottery 1/2/2016. How many combinations can there be with these numbers, they are 100% sure to be in the winning numbers. That is guaranteed. Reasons are simple to understand as there are only 9 single digits from 1 so if 5 of them are vital then the whole would have the part. The puzzle is to mix them correctly to suit the players aura. If they match it will usher in the money for those who chose them accurately. The clues all lead up to 1st February Thai lottery results so it is the universal hint.


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